Providing Quality Rock & Concrete Demolition Services

Curtis Hambrick grew up in Northern Virginia and has worked in the construction/hammer industry for over 30 years. In 2002 Curtis established Hambrick Hammers, Inc. and continues to grow his inventory of hammers while maintaining the exceptional customer service that he so firmly believes in. Curtis is knowledgeable about the rock native to this area and has the expertise to demolish it in the most productive way.


To elevate serviceability Curtis established a shop in Fauquier County to house and repair our equipment. Additionally two full-time mechanics equipped with a service truck are available to perform on-site repairs as needed. For more critical repairs, we maintain a close relationship with our equipment dealers and certified technicians enabling a faster repair response.

Curtis is dedicated to his customers and loyal to employees and it is with this philosophy that he continues to grow Hambrick Hammers.

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